Sculpting Massager - Skin Tightening

Sculpting Massager - Skin Tightening

Using the 360° roller balls, Sculpting Massager is the perfect massage tool to help tone and tighten skin appearence. Use it daily to promote revitalized and youthful looking skin.


  • Allows for comfortable use across different skin types and is especially compatible with sensitive skin.
  • Effectively lifts and tightens skin, creating a revitalized and youthful appearance.


  1. For facial care, roll along the outline of the face starting from the chin and ending at the jawline. Focus massaging under the chin to reduce sagging skin near the area.
  2. To reduce underarm fat, roll the massager from the elbow to the armpit and repeat as needed.
  3. For firmed, toned legs, roll in the direction towards the inner thigh and repeat as needed.
  4. Massaging from the armpit towards the center of the chest promotes bust shaping.
  5. Tone the waist area by tolling the massager up and down the side of the waist.


Weight: 5.68 oz


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